Friday, October 5, 2007

Myanmar, Uranus and Neptune

In Burma the bloody repression by the dictatorial military junta, began the same day of the full-moon in Libra. During the day of the full-moon high energies are released as well as destructive ones.

We are confronted in this historical upraising with a deep, strong challenge between loving-kindness versus violence and ignorance.

Monks, nuns, students, and peaceful crowds, fighting for democracy and freedom , were beaten and shot dead, and the fighting is not over yet.

It has happened before: there was a bloody upraising in 1988 in Burma, but with a different scenario, it was almost unseen. Today, thanks to the Media and Internet, thanks to the bloggers, photographers, video makers, the bloody suppression of the protesters was seen across the globe . In spite of the military junta which blacked out the Internet connections, there will be always some brave individual who will get the news out, sending abroad photos, e-mails or videos.

We can recognise now, that we are witnessing an historical moment:”Spirit versus Matter at its lowest level”.

This explosion of independence, mysticism and the powerful mass response has to do with Uranus in the sign of Pisces as well as Neptune in Aquarius. This, in Astrology, is called a “Mutual Reception,” meaning that these planets are in each-others sign and, they strongly interact one another.

The unexpected joining by the nuns in this scenario, put much emphasis on Aquarius and Uranus and on equal human rights. Brothers and Sisters acting together.

The subtle power of Neptune has penetrated minds and hearts of the whole world and the colour “bronze”, has flooded the international media. This situation is “impressing” a new sensibility on peoples consciousness, taking everybody by surprise and involving everybody.

This mystic-political upraising has happened suddenly (Uranus in Pisces).

With the help of the international net-work of the media, each of us has been catapulted into a far distant country (Pluto still in Sagittarius). Bringing us into the protest, and we grow in compassion and awareness.

Very recently attitudes have changed to spiritual and religious persecution. Where was the outrage when Mahatma Gandhi was fasting, or later, when the Tibetan monks were being persecuted. Today attitudes have changed – today the wall between politics and the spiritual world has fallen. This is a huge step towards a greater level of social consciousness, throughout the societies of the world.

The news is now showing the entire world how interrelated we all are. The combination of Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune, is driving this collective power: politics (Pluto/Uranus) and spirituality (Neptune).

Monks and nuns are responding, with an unexpected determination, to the effects of the Uranus in Pisces, which is able to synthesize the two Pisces (Spirit and Matter) in a totally new formula.

The effects of the planets go with the evolution and growth of the entire world. They are able to give birth to new forms of spirituality, improving the collective human conditions. They are releasing an immense inner power and strength, breaking old ways of living spirituality in the masses, and putting it to work in daily events. The uprising in Burma will be an inspiring and motivating movement towards freedom. Joy, courage and strength are involved.

This mutual-reception between planets and signs, occurs when a status-quo has suddenly broken.

Thousands monks are already in prison, beaten and tortured, but they say: “We are happy because the Light is coming!” The torch of impersonal Love, represented by Neptune in Aquarius, embodied by monks and nuns, is able to be anchored in a political and social protest. This is totally a new approach which dawns the Aquarian Age.

Leni provides a large variety of astrological services, workshops, readings and is an accomplished lecturer and writer, in both English and Italian. She has appear on television and radio, and is much in demand for the both traditional and soul centered astrology.

Leni Sibilio

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