Monday, November 5, 2007

In 2008 Saturn opposition Uranus

In 2008 the planets Saturn and Uranus will make an aspect of opposition between each other.

What is interesting is that it happens around the time of the American election.

Saturn in the sign of Virgo, around 17 degrees will oppose Uranus in Pisces, marking a real strong, controversial political campaign.

Saturn in Virgo shows over concern for the details because the tendency of Saturn towards perfection puts too much weight on Virgo's natural sense of order.

It can brings obsessive concern for undue details. What is essential and what it is not, will be a main issue on the individual and national level.

Saturn is conservative, limiting, structuring, stabilizing the form-aspect in life.

Uranus in Pisces, on the other hand, can act in both directions scattering the two fishes on opposite side, or trying to synthesise the two in a common orientation.

Often the results are in a “washing away of the status quo”.

The Old versus the New - Consolidation versus Intuition.

It is very much expected a strong activist protests, all over the world, challenging the prevailing social conditions.

Trying to reach the cause acting behind the effects, we might say that the real challenge, here, is to find the right orientation of the reformatory drives, stabilizing, later, them.

I think this a main key in the 2008's political and economical scene. This will be a period marking a turning- point for the entire world.

Another main issue has to do with priorities, the “essentials” to deal with, both on the individual and social level.

Uranus brings an energy of intuition which can be found in scientific research work.

On the other hand, the individual can have the opportunity to find his place in society, being more aware of his or her influence on group-interactions: being more active than passive.

Society will find new avenues for evolution and new experiments will be launched with much responsibility for the both the individual and the nation.

With Uranus in Pisces the area of the services for ameliorating social conditions,is much sensitised.

But also Saturn in Virgo puts the emphases on social-service.

By the end of 2008, much selection will be made on taking actions to promote Service at any level.

At the same time, on Nov. 26 2008, the planet Pluto is taking steps and will enter in the sign of Capricorn for a long while.

This will happen just before the new American president takes office.

At the day of the entry of Pluto in Capricorn there will be a stellium in the hopeful sign of Sagittarius, showing concern for religious issues.

This stellium can bring deep reforms in the area of philosophical and religious attitudes. Pluto is slow and relentless in his action, and we really understand and realise his action years later.

If we take into consideration the planets by their signs: we find that this entry of Pluto in Capricorn concerns leaders and government, and Uranus is a leader indeed!

At the zodiacal level the two signs: Virgo, Pisces , are connected with Capricorn by a sextile and a trine aspect.

Making a symbolic “resolution” of the opposing Saturn and Uranus combination.

Pluto can have a deep seated effect on intuitive reforms in structuring anew social channels.

Especially on a new political scene.

If right direction will further this configuration, a tremendous elevation of consciousness, inventiveness and a potential seed in economic growth, can be the result of this “ Cosmic Suggestion”.

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Leni Sibilio

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