Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The child with Pluto conjunct Ascendant

Very often, as parents, we don't understand our children's' behaviour, especially if it is an “unexpected” or disruptive behaviour. As soon as we have a chart's reading, Pluto conjunct Ascendant, can help us to learn how to use this powerful effect in our life, and our children. Unless we learn how to use this type of energy responsibly, it could create deep problems .

I think one of the most “intriguing” astrological charts is the one which shows Pluto close to the Ascendant. This aspect can leave parents quite upset forcing changes which are totally new and unplanned. When this happens, the child born with this planet in the rising sign is a force to be reckoned with, both in the environment and in our personal life. With Pluto conjunct the Ascendant, your child will show an unusually intense approach to life.

Since birth, and with the passing years, the personality, character and temperament of this child, expresses power and intensity, no matter in which sign the Sun is in.The Ascendant has very much to do with the first part in life, and to have such a position in the astrological chart makes quite difficult for such a young life to be able to deal with such potency, without experience.

The child is an adult in becoming, he will learn later, hopefully, how to deal with such force.

But right now, in childhood, he tends to succumb to this dominating influence.

Pluto has to do with the Collective energies, not with the personalised ones. Unless these energies are used for social benefit, Pluto tends to be very selfish and destructive when hindered.

These are the lessons the child will learn with age, lessons which will mark big changes in life.

Pluto in Ascendant is difficult to deal with both in childhood and adolescence: Pluto is a manipulative power. Too much intensity in their child makes the parents feel lost.

A strong reaction from the parental side both in childhood or adolescence, can make things worse, leading to the damaging of the relationship between parent and child.

Such a child unconsciously or consciously, is able to read your mind, he, or she, has a kind of “x-rays”. It is impossible to hide feelings from such a child. This capacity produces a tremendous impact in the surroundings. In the action of transforming each situation and, in consequence, causing you to transform, Pluto at the Ascendant reveals to be a karmic agent for its environment. The possessor of this planetary configuration needs changes throughout their life.

Its work is above all on the Astral plane, on the psychic level. The desire-principle must be accomplished, or upsetting consequences are created.

When this type of child loses his temper, it can be quite dramatic and spectacular, the piling up of the explosion starts hidden and with a broody attitude.

The parents must be aware of this underlying process because they can have the chances to rightly reorient this strong energy in their children:

Teaching him/her the compassion and respect for the rights of others.

Trying to leave him/her alone to give them time and space to sort out by themselves the problem. If possible.

Trying not to resist changes in their lives. Parents feel that changes should only their decision not influenced by their children, but such changes cannot be avoided with such a child. A child with Pluto in the Ascendant is a karmic effect for themselves, and the family.

Always using Love and Wisdom.

Being prepared that this child likes to take risks, the experiences are always very intense.

Their approach to life is quite serious, either black or white, do-or-die-attitude, no half-ways.

Emotions can run high, changes are likely to happen during crises-periods, and if rightly handled, they produce a regenerated being, after each crisis.

On the Soul-centered level, Pluto in Ascendant, can produce a charismatic aura around the individual tending the person to become a Reformer.

The expression of dominance in the environment must be turned from the egocentric to the selfless in order to express good will.

Pluto in Ascendant, if rightly used, produces miracles! It is a strong Healing Vibration.

Indeed, Pluto is the spiritual ruler of Pisces.

Leni provides a large variety of astrological services, workshops, readings and is an accomplished lecturer and writer, in both English and Italian. She has appear on television and radio, and is much in demand for the both traditional and soul centered astrology.

Leni Sibilio


valerie said...

read the article with interest.I have pluto conj asc in virgo in 12th.My life,esp emotionally had not been easy but not at all boring. I am passionate about the following beliefs of mine - 1. we are all one 2. god does not have to involve religion/church. The energy is within everyone and everything. 3. Never give up!

Thank you for your knowledge in this area and best wishes


blaquebooty said...

My two year old has Pluto in the first house, while I have it anaretic in the 12th still too far away to be conjunct the first house by 1 or 2 degrees. I think I have always wished to meet someone like me but I never imagined that they would come to be through me. I recognised her the first time I saw her but I didn't understand why until I saw her chart this year '08. For whatever reasons it took me 2 years to get around to looking at her chart. I guess I was so focused on being a nee mommy and trying figure out why I was so "wierd"--() until this year. I have been looking at my chart on and off for at least 15 years. I never noticed Uranus in my first house until after a really bad period for me.

AstroMarkt said...

Hi Leni, interesting article. In the study of Ken Gilmore (Who will survive? about a violent attack on a school) he mentioned that the majority of the children with Pluto on the Ascendant managed (somehow) to survive. The study vanished from recently, but perhaps there is a link still somewhere.

Kind regards,


DTStacey said...

I really enjoyed your article. I know from personal experience that Pluto conjunct the Ascendant is powerful, but now I have more understanding as to why. My teenage son has this as a tight conjunction which also forms a Grand Water Trine which leads into a kite. Talk about intense! He's trying to work his way through it as he has been removed from the house because of drug use and being generally unmanageable.

Victoria said...

Thank you for this very insightful article. My adult son has Pluto conj. his Virgo Asc, only 2 degrees inside the 1st house. He is all that you have said.

I am a prof. astrologer so I knew what was going on in his chart, thank goodness! Because there were plenty of daysw when he was a handful. Even as an adult, we don't seem to have a consistently smooth relationship. I am hoping he will 'find himself' soon because he has enormous power to use, for good, someday.

Thank you again for this wonderful article.

Tanya Beatty said...

My pluto is conjunct my Moon & Rising from the 12th house. I have been intense since the day I was born my mom says! I remember since childhood needing meaning in everything I do, being serious, & preferring to be around adults. Transformation has been a huge part of my life & I have been very lucky to have a Mom who instinctually always understood this :)

Tanya Beatty said...

My pluto is conjunct my Moon & Rising from the 12th house. I have been intense since the day I was born my mom says! I remember since childhood needing meaning in everything I do, being serious, & preferring to be around adults. Transformation has been a huge part of my life & I have been very lucky to have a Mom who instinctually always understood this :)

Shane E said...

I was trying to find out more about pluto in books or websites some say venus is my chart ruler others say pluto i don't really see myself as a venusian, my pluto is rising with my libra ascendant at 24 °, i was wondering if pluto in certain signs weaken its effects