Friday, September 14, 2007


With Neptune in Aquarius, within your psyche the jagged will become smooth. This is done by the continuous, subtle wave of Neptunian pressure.

These gentle waves affect us in a silent way: they bring revelations about our true nature.

The soft power of Neptune erodes the hard edges either in an individual or at a social level.

With the help of the sign Aquarius, Neptune is able to dissolve walls between different groups of people, speeding up the process of global unity. We can call Neptune “the Dissolver” of the Zodiac, and the alignment with Aquarius, produces a new vision of the future society to come.

The subtle influences of Neptune are often imperceptible, they infuse the consciousness, bringing insights.

Spiritual Sciences, arts, the angelic world, the electromagnetic field, as well as pollution and intoxications ... are really Neptunian issues.

Because all these issues surround us in our daily life, they are able to produce a flow of awareness and a greater sensitivity within us. Neptune in Aquarius stimulates this sensitivity to all our surroundings. This is consciousness in action. Global warming,etc.

With the help of Neptune in Aquarius new ways of healing are taking place. For instance in treating schizophrenia and mental illness, Neptune shows a more experimental way of dealing with these ailments.

Where the split from reality and illusion lies, there in this chasm, is the point where Neptune can make the difference.

By strengthening the spiritual self, the mundane self becomes the servant, rather than the ruler. Neptune is compassion, and has to do with the super-consciousness, and it is the development of the super-consciousness the key to spiritual consciousness in humanity.

It is this spiritual comprehension that advances the spiritual self and demotes the mundane self to its rightful role of servant and thereby removing the internal conflict. Neptune is both the cause of the glamour-illusion that can lead to mental illness, but if it is used in a spiritually scientific way, it also a cure.

It is no coincidence that this configuration appears in this dramatic period of human history. Neptune in Aquarius smooths the hard calcifications of built up materialism. The public flowering of compassion, although some is still very egoistical, is influenced by the subtle waves of Neptune in Aquarius

Neptune in Aquarius inaugurates a period where the urge for spiritual life will counteract much materialistic tendency. The intellect will be more influenced by intuition. Whereas the waves of Neptune and Aquarius are operating at their higher potentials, the Music of the Spheres will be heard.

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Leni Sibilio

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