Friday, September 7, 2007

The Education in the New Era

Germany, Xenophobic Wave. Three teenagers shot at London...

After the racist attacks, the social democrats ask to ban NPD

Extreme right at bar. After the violent attacks against immigrants of the last few days, in Germany, the political debate about a possible ban of the neo-Nazi party NPD has fired up again.

The aggressions in various German cities against a Senegalese, an Iraqi, an Egyptian and seven Indians, the last ones violently beaten up by about fifty neo-Nazis in Muglen, have outraged German public opinion.

To the extent that the Social Democratic Party (SPD), a member of the coalition guided by Angela Merkel (Grosse Koalition), has taken, trough its President Kurt Beck, legal action to ban the extreme right wing party, responsible, a few days ago,to promote racial hatred through the ludicrous and grotesque words of its president Udo Voigt.

Voigt has recommended Hitler's right-hand man Rudolph Hesse as a Peace Noble Prize candidate!

Most of NPD' supporters are young Germans, aged 14 to 25, half of them think that Nazism had “its positive aspects”.

On the other hand three teenagers, including a 13 years -old boy, have been shot outside a house party in north London, days ago.

Police say a large number of people were outside in the street when a group of youths with their faces covered turned up and fired a handgun.

A 18 years-old girl is being treated in hospital after being hit in the back.

A boy of the same age was wounded in the chest - the 13 years old in the leg.

And the list is growing...

“What the West has tolerated, but secretly and with a slight sense of shame ( the diplomatic lie, systematic deception, veiled threats ), come back into the open and in full measure from the East and ties up in neurotic knots.

It is the face of his own evil shadow that grinned at Western Man from the other side of the Iron Curtain.” - Carl Jung

The “shadow” represents our emotions and behaviour that are incompatible with our own self-image, so they are repressed into our subconscious.

The “shadow-projection” occurs when someone projects his own guilty-complex, outside on individual or national level.

These young people, as a group, project what they deny inside themselves onto other people, so nations project what is called as” Collective Shadow”.

This is very much an aspect of the planet Pluto which is entering in the year 2008 in the sign of the leaders and political issues: Capricorn.

This configuration will challenge the status quo.

The basic dynamic underlying group hatred and violence asks for a turning point in handling a New Education at schools.

The political leaders must figure out what went wrong in the educational field.

To reorient the child's consciousness in a way that he might be able to recognise, since childhood, that all the teachings are targeting towards the others' good , rather than his,it requires a totally new vision in the teaching-area. New Teachers, with a loving-kindness awareness, are blossoming, right now.

With this perspective, the child will learn to look forwards, in a peaceful direction.

The teachings regarding the past, will be given to uplift, positively, the racial consciousness, instead on being based on facts such as material conquests and aggressions. This is what is happening, now.

In the mind of the child, the past connects with the present.

In the New Educational future, the capacity of the child to unify, to connect, different aspects of his life, will be developed.

He will be more in tune with the whole, rather than with separative tendencies

The concept of “Relationship” with all the living beings, will be enhanced.

Children will be able to see and lived out the “Brotherhood and Sisterhood” in their lives, better than the adults, educated with old and outdated methods. The new world-citizens are already born and are in our society, right now.

In the New Educational School, will lie the hope for the future generations, let's make it happen, soon. West and East want it and need it, badly!

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