Friday, July 6, 2007


Jupiter in Sagittarius, this is Jupiter's own sign: it gives a great enthusiasm in life: large ideas, big schemes and an open generosity. It is a position which favours the mental body and an intuitive perception of life. The transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius will continue up to the end of 2007 and portends positive attitudes towards world's problems.

Jupiter displays an energy which brings fusion: it blends different polarities, and different point of view. The planet produces a type of activity in humanity which pushes both individuals and nations, to experience directly different situations, giving birth to wisdom. Which, ultimately means true understanding. It blends mind and love, head and heart, spirit and matter, both individually and in social issues. Jupiter is a synthesising power wherever it falls in a chart, it shows where this fusion is most likely to happen.

Jupiter in Sagittarius has much to do with Love and Wisdom, with the abilities to sense the perspectives and motivations beyond the apparent.

In the Soul-centred Astrology, Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Earth, giving a practical touch to his wisdom.

I noticed that, in this period, many petitions has come to me via e-mail: reinforcing the vision and hope brought up by this configuration. These Petitions cover global warming, peace, animal issues, etc. These petitions come from all distant countries. With Jupiter in his own sign, we can figure out that practical solutions can be expressed by wisdom (which is a mental quality). Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Israel, Africa -- we are all linked to their conflicts. What happens in the farthest galaxy has repercussions in our planet, that is why the fusion quality of Jupiter is so important is so important in world-affairs.

Many groups and individuals are aware of the pressing need of this fusion. That is why the use of the internet is such a catalyst to solve problems, both national or individual. This is a diplomatic labour fuelled by Love. Much contribution to this effort is given by Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Intuitive thoughts in religious disparities can mould separative philosophies; however, spiritual principles are universal in their nature! In this way all religions are interconnected to one another.

The sign of the Archer points to the diplomatic solutions which enlarges the vision of a fused-society, and Jupiter adds the enthusiasm and the zeal to make it happen!

Leni provides a large variety of astrological services, workshops, readings and is an accomplished lecturer and writer, in both English and Italian. She has appear on television and radio, and is much in demand for the both traditional and soul centered astrology.

Leni Sibilio

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