Friday, June 22, 2007

One Humanity, one world! This is the final task of the Aquarian Age.
This Age will last 2500 years. This time will be a time of non-stop challenges. This is an age of growth, a time of growing up: humanity has to develop, to improve, to evolve. The Aquarian Age is a time for spiritual growth. It will be during this Age that human consciousness will reach an awareness we can hardly imagine right now.
In this new social order: new archetypes will be born, new crisis solving ideas will arrive, new world- cooperation will develop. All of this and more will be the blossoming promises for the Humanity to come. The Aquarian changes are on the way, we are just entering into this great Era.
Still, Humanity is not yet ready for it! Many people are unaware of the potential a conscious mind and a compassionate heart. They can bring the elements to heal and solve conflicts and sufferings.
Freedom, the real freedom which this Age heralds, is the freedom from the entanglements of matter.
Matter is more than form, it can be conventional habits, and concepts.
We need new avenues to solve conflicts between brother and brother, between country and country. We need to reduce the distance between spirit and matter.
Neptune is a planet of dreams, of images, visions. Neptune's passage through Aquarius is bringing the inspiration, and Aquarius is bringing the audience. For most of us, the vision of being able to feel and sense the energy of belonging to a Greater Whole is still a dream, a surrealistic reality.
It will be the scientists and the economists that will ring the changes in the Aquarian Age. It will be these specialist that will find a way of lessening the disparities in international trade. Interconnectivity and Collaboration will extend beyond trade into culture, education, and into a new breed of politics.
The power to change will be “world-good-will.”This power is the healing element.
Such a power has been inaugurated during the Age of Pisces, when the quality of Love has been introduced for the first time in human history. It will be in the new age when Love will be fully understood and practiced. Love is a quality of the Soul.
By now, we have the first world-wide organisation, the United Nations, which is the result of the entering in this Age. This organization, is young, but with experience, with time, it will grow stronger to solve all international-problems.
Parallel to nations and organizations there are a growing number of “servers”, women and men of goodwill, who are acting all over the planet for the benefit of the Earth.
These people do not belong to any one party, nor to a sect, they have an open-heart. They are inspired, they have the vision which links them all.
The future of Humanity lies in their hands.
Spiritual Impersonal Love for Humanity is their contribution!
Leni provides a large variety of astrological services, workshops, readings and is an accomplished lecturer and writer, in both English and Italian. She has appear on television and radio, and is much in demand for the both traditional and soul centered astrology.
Leni Sibilio

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