Monday, June 18, 2007

Clash of Faiths

Islam and Christianity: clash of Faiths

On 9/11, the Middle East was catapulted to the forefront on news programs around the world.

Suddenly, what was happening thousand of miles away could affect people regardless of where they lived.

The entire world awakened to the reality of how the Middle East impact us all.

It was clear that the Middle East's problems were going to have a greater impact on our lives than our own domestic disputes.

Sept. 11 was the climax-point when accumulated problems of thousand of years came, suddenly, on the surface. Now we are all affected by it. Oil is hidden in the Middle East deserts, our economies depend largely on it.

To this reality we must add the creation of many new countries which complicated the political area.

Endless violence started at the time of the birth of one nation in particular.

This territory, which is not holy any more,because of the sufferings, is the birth place of the world's three great monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

And it is here that the big “Armageddon”, takes place.

Each of these groups want to control the territory because they believe it is their “holy land”.

In spite of the clashes, history teaches us that in the past, Jewish and Arabs, have not always been enemies.

European culture was influenced by Arabs and Jews, leading, eventually, to the Renaissance.

Europeans, Arabs and Jews, could gain much from cooperation.

-June 16, the Palestinian President M.Abbas swore in an emergency Cabinet on sunday and outlawed the militia forces of the Islamic Hamas movement, deepening the violent rupture in Palestinian society.

Brothers against brothers.

In Gaza the situation among Hamas and Fatah movements has arrived to a declaration of war.

An Israel fuel company cut off deliveries to gas stations, worsening the situation...

_ Each nation tends to project its shadow on other people who are different, separative tendencies are rooted, deeply, in human nature. They are the inheritance of a conditioned growth and wrong mass-education.

  • the law of reincarnation, if you trust, teaches that in one life we are born in a country, in the next one, we are born in a totally new environment.

So the Jew could have been born as a Palestinian in prior lives, and a Palestinian might have a Jewish family, in the future.

Everybody must experience different places of birth, different period of history, different people, different sexes, etc.

-All religions are waiting a new spiritual period herald by the sacred texts in the past.

Period in which ,finally, peace on earth will prevail!

Will be the public opinion strong enough for launching constantly right human relations?

Will be able the minorities to obtain what they rightly ask without bloodsheds.

In which way to abolish “walls” among races, countries, communities?

In which way to build, finally, “One Humanity?”

The answer is simple, so obvious, so difficult still:

to install right human relations through the quality of “world-good-will”.

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