Friday, June 1, 2007

The Moon by Leni's Astrology

The moon, was a very powerful planet in ancient times, but now she is a shell.

She does not shine, save through reflection, because she has lost her inner fire. She has no emanation, and no radiation, but astrally she is still strong.

She is linked with the astral body of our Planet, and with the astral body of all humanity.

. The astral body refers to the body of the emotions and desires, where all animal passion resides, and where all sensations are born.

She vibrates with action of the mind. For instance: if we think on a higher level we purify the astral body without any perception of the results of this process.

Her influence is very strong during the full moon, especially upon people lacking in balance

. The effect of the moon upon human affairs is caused by her capacity as a reservoir of certain hopes, fears, despairs, and illusions. All this is part of the collective unconscious.

When we are born we have an inheritance of karmic DNA: family links, links to the land, links to periods of time. All this is represented by the action of the Moon.

It is a reservoir which contains ancient mental thought -forms, as well as emotional forms.

We can spend our lives developing or not moving, at all during each incarnation.

These influential conditions determine cycles of development and evolution for humanity.

The awareness of being under a conditioning miasma give us positive input to overcome all obstructions to further developments.

The Moon, in Soul-centred Astrology, is a focus for the Personality (the lower self) still undeveloped.

The mass-consciousness and the individual are still slaves of old emotional and mental habit patterns.

As our consciousness grows, we discover gradually, that the form contains a light.

When we understand this we make a further step in identifying ourselves, not with the form but we discover what makes her “alive”.

A shift takes place and the” Soul journey “finds a totally new polarization free from the obstructions of the material world.

The worn out lunar- energy is, now ,under loving detachment. And the individual uses her energy to give birth of the divine Soul within.

Gradually, the individual becomes aware of his place in society.

Selfishness is substituted by the consciousness of belonging to humanity, and this is called group-consciousness.

This group- consciousness is a” must “ to bring in the Aquarian age.

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