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Pluto in the chart of U.S.A.

The transit of Pluto in the chart of U.S.A.

If we look at the U.S.A.'s national chart, cast on July 4, 1776 for Philadelphia, we find, since 2003 , the transit of Pluto in her seventh house. This is a pivotal moment for all the world's affairs.

The chart of U.S. shows the sun in the sign of Cancer and her rising sign 20 degrees Gemini.

In 2004, Pluto, being 20 degrees Sagittarius, made an exact opposition with the conjunction Mars and Ascendant in the national chart. With Mars in this position, the chart shows a strong martial, aggressive attitude, both at home and in foreign affairs. It attracts wars, strikes, riots.

Pluto rules psychotic outbreaks in the collective unconscious. This can bring an obsession with wars, because the seventh house depicts, traditionally, the open enemy.

This area, in Mundane Astrology, rules relations with other countries, all foreign relations, treaties, alliances, wars and all related aspects of national affairs.

With the position of Pluto, in the chart of U.S., we can see the type of projected enemies. Enemies which are lived out as “scary shadows” for the whole nation.

Psychologically this configuration powerfully indicates anxieties and deep rooted fears of destabilization. Because projected enemies are a psychological projection, as when the nation perceives threats from other countries, it attracts, magnetically, what is feared. To identify with our own national fears, can be a very difficult task, because the nation must assume, in the end, their own fears.

Threatening issues from foreign countries are dealt with deep paranoia, whenever this astrological configuration appears in a “mundane chart”.

But the Plutonian energy, when positive and harmoniously dealt with, brings purification and fresh starts in life. Pluto ends old schemes which stand on the way to evolution, and clears the way to reforms.

This aspect is still active right now, because the effect of Pluto is very deeply ingrained.

We can say that, realistically, Pluto is pushing the U.S. capacity to regenerate human relations. If we can turn this opposition into a more harmonious aspect such as the trine aspect, we might learn an “interpersonal“ way to deal with world-conflicts.

Pluto in opposition to Mars suggests a tendency to use more power than necessary to accomplish goals. If we turn it into a trine aspect, we can find creative ways to use vital energies: transforming energies.

A trine can also transform the national drive to win at all costs, into a regenerative dialogue between the two countries: finding a healing synthesis.

Between 2009 and 2010, Pluto will cast again, another opposition: from the first to the seventh house.

This time Pluto will be opposite to the conjunction Venus and Jupiter in Cancer, in the first house.

Which could result in ending relations, philosophical and religious mass-persecutions. Again, if we are able to turn the opposition into a trine, the problem can be partially solved by using profound understandings among the opponents. The contributions of past lessons can bring light in this shadowy projection.

Instead of violent ends, a larger and intense sense of beauty, along with a sense of interaction, can release a “fusion-quality”, which is Jupiter main task.

New avenues to find diplomatic intercourse.

A regenerative way of developing fraternal relations in the U.S.'s chart, is around the corner which not only will be a benefit for the rest of the world but also for their entire nation. Pluto is slow moving planet, but restless in reforming old conditions.

From separation to fusion: this is the planetary task!

The ladder of evolution is endless, as the minds and hearts of people, their potentials are infinite.

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