Friday, May 11, 2007


Water is the element of feelings, of compassion, of sensitivity, and Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are ruled by water.

Water children are the most sensitive and emotional of all signs, they are able to capture, by their subtle understanding, what is going on ,both, in a person and in a situation. Water children can have x-ray perception, especially when the planets Pluto and Neptune (related to water) are close to the rising sign.

Because of this natural sympathy with another person, water children strongly need, more than any others, to be surrounded by gentle and positive people.

Relationships, turn out, easily for them, but this can have a down-side, water children can take on other's personal baggage and can absorb more than they can “digest”. These relationships are built on feelings rather than other qualities.

When water children misbehave parents should pay more attention to reassuring their children after an argument or storm, rather than reiterating the disciplinary point. Water children immediately sense when you are angry with them, therefore there is no need to overemphasise the point. Overwhelmed, they can overreact strongly when they are emotionally flooded by their moods. Give them time and space -- let them sort out a solution to the problem. Beware, any attack to them, is an attack to their emotional security.

Parents should be very supportive during their child's development because the water element is very much connected with the past. With the water child first impressions count more than for other elements. Therefore an infant's impressions will affect the rest of his or her life.

The generation with Pluto in Scorpio (1982-1995), marked by this water-combination, are in their 20s, right now. We can sense that they are able to cope with the violence in the society, but this can leave profound scars within.

Water is the inclusive element, it is compassionate, selfless, tending to serve others.

Is the element which can bring regeneration, bring transformation, caring, and nurturing. Water children will express these qualities, if they are allowed to grow strong in early childhood.

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Leni Sibilio

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angr said...

Dear mm,
I read your astro blogs.About your "scorpio"comments 100%correct.please see more in our indian astrology,that
"its a secret, fully dynamic,yes the scorpio horse starts late but ends
first,they should not allow to kept with weapons, the children in future
will be society pillars if +ve growth,otherwise if -ve growth they will be a danger to peace."