Thursday, May 17, 2007

L'Imagination au Pouvoir! The World Children Festival

The world's largest celebration of creativity and imagination.

The World Children Festival will show-case children's talent, equip them with communication and collaboration skills and promote mutual respect and trust for the next generation of global leaders.

The World Children Festival culminates the Arts Olympiad in which more than three million children , from 100 countries produced art-work on the theme:”My Favorite Sport” to celebrate the artist-athlete ideal of a creative mind and healthy body

Children performance-groups from around the world, will join the visual artists and artist-athletes, on the National Mall on June 23-25, in Washington D.C.

The Festival is free and open to the public.

“Art and Sport have the power to change the world, the power to inspire people in a way that little else can... They create hope where there was ,once. only despair. They are instrument for peace ,even more powerful than governments!” - Nelson Mandela, Nobel prize.

Children are ruled by the sign Lion in Astrology, the sign of creative expression, the sign of artists.

The last generations got an enormous amount of potentials to share , especially from the 80's onwards.

Their creativity contains the seeds of “world consciousness”, they are less separative than we actually are.

Rise up! Three million of creativities from children, will be the largest explosion of colours, expressions, stimulations, warm involvements, ever experienced.

“L'Imagination au Pouvoir” / “The imagination takes the Power”, can be source of inspiration for the Planet, and the Children are the colourful Protagonists.

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