Saturday, April 28, 2007

Wesak, Full Moon in Taurus

The ancient ceremony of Wesak, began in the East, in Tibet. Wesak is a celebration of the birth, the
enlightenment, and the death of Buddha all of which occurred during the full moon of Taurus.

Nowadays, many Buddhist groups are still celebrating Wesak; during this old rite they give the public the opportunity to learn the teachings of Lord Buddha, and realize the existence of a Higher Brotherhood and the close link some can have.

The festival of Wesak ( named after a valley in Tibet ), is able to unify both eastern and western spirituality. It is said, that Christ and Buddha, are present, together, during this sacred ceremony, to signify the strong, unifying, link, between the two divines,

The main aim of the festival is to let know, to the world, the teachings of the Lord Buddha, and to evoke the spirit of Peace ,on earth.

Since the year 1946 this ceremony had spread in the western world,too.

The focus of the Wesak in Taurus, lies in three major steps, three keys to the world-development, if we want to go further in social evolution:

a) the Unity, it means we must be able to find the hidden consciousness in any living thing.

b)the uncovering of the new vision of “group-awareness”, the task of the Aquarian Age.

c)the discovery in ourselves, of the Heart, as an instrument of spiritual synthesis.

The Heart chakra, represents much more than the usual sentiment with which we are accustomed.

It is an higher state; with Its help, we should be able to live out brotherhood in each encounter we have. Perhaps, this brother, is needing you.. What can I do to help him?

The Heart doesn't look after Itself, instead Its focus is to take out the best in each person and situation.

To live up to your Heart -potential, you must show an awareness of the others need.

A unified meditation,such as is done all over the world on the day of the Wesak, moves mountains!

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