Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Task-force against human trafficking

On April the 7th, Cambodia launched the first national task-force against human trafficking.

Cambodian Ministry of Women's Affair, launched the kingdom's first task-force to take human trafficking effectively.

This statement has been reported by, You Ay, secretary of state of the ministry.

This is a unified campaign to combat all forms of trafficking of men, women and children for slave labour, begging and prostitution.

“ Cambodia will not tolerate exploitation”, she added!

This force comprise 14 ministers and institutions to eliminate trafficking and assist victims.

Official reports said that thousands of Cambodians are exploited to work as sex slaves in Malaysia, Japan, China-Taiwan and Hong Kong, Qatar, Somali and Saudi Arabia.

Children are used as sex-toy for tourists ,and young women, too.

Prostitution, abuse...the dark side of the richer countries.

All over Asia, a large domestic consciousness ,is taking place, as a consequence of these legal steps .

It is really important that this Cambodia's standing- position has come from this exploited country.

It should be really difficult and brave to fight corruptions, there.

Exploitation is ruled by the planet Neptune. Neptune rules, also, the United Nations.

Joining forces will bring victory in the end, and this huge problem will be seen, with the time, as a remaining of a dark period in history.

Many spiritual scientists are working together, in groups or teams, to stop effectively this plague.

The exploitation of children and its solution, will open the way for the coming New Legislation , of the New Millennium .

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