Friday, February 23, 2007

Venus in the Soul-centered Astrology


Venus in the Soul centered Astrology rules the sigh of Gemini, rules also the Ajna Center- the Third Eye, the so-called the Eye of the Bull, the Unicorn, and other ancient symbols,too.

Venus has the power to harmonize every pairs of opposites, and most of all, she rules the relation between our lower-self, such as our personality, and the Higher -Self, the eternal Soul.

It is a principle of synthesis and attracts the inferior vehicle towards the superior one: it represents
the main cause of “The Law of Attraction”, which ultimately is the matter fused with the spirit.

Has been taught, in the Ageless Wisdom, that , because of this Law, both the animal and the human kingdom, came into contact, showing the birth of , even ,an higher state called , the kingdom of the Soul.

Every living being is pervaded by the Soul!

When the individual is Soul-oriented, Venus functions on a rather different level ,than we actually know,
she loves from an impersonal level, selfless.

This type of state, in the world affairs, produce what are called :
“ the Right human Relations”.

Venus,in the coming period,not only is felt on a personal level, but in our future- oriented society, she is going to harmonize many social distortions.

Nation, , to Nation, religion to religion, etc., her constant blend “mind/love”fusion, which she represents, it is able to smooth all hard- separative walls.

It is the Universal Love , we are talking about, and Venus, this beautiful planet, shows an expanding,growing connection with our planet ,the Earth.

“Venus is the Earth's alter ego....Venus is to Earth,
what the Higher Self is to man” - Alice Bailey from A Treatise on Cosmic Fire

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Leni Sibilio

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