Friday, February 9, 2007

Right Human Relations and Internet

*** Right Human Relations and Internet ***

We, are now, entering into the Age of Aquarius. We are moving step by step, towards a growing expression of collective impersonality.

By “collective impersonality” I mean people that in all dealings will find the right central point, between the two poles in any matter, without being bogged down by too much subjective involvement. People who tend towards being self-less rather than selfish.

The 'personal garden” (the sphere of personal interest) becomes increasingly less important than the collective one: considering the whole of society and not just a part of it, is the response of this coming new age.

Through using the mass-media and the Internet, we are constantly aware of what is going on in the world at any time. We are not just spectators any more, but participants in the flux of world society.

Now with the Internet we have net-related-interconnections, that did not exist, until recently, with such effect on so many people over such a vast space and such a short time. This energy that flows through the Internet demands an impersonal state of mind, and heart.

This basic transformation, of our attitudes and thoughts, seems to have happened when two of the slower planets, Uranus and Pluto, entered in the sign of Libra ( Uranus entered in Libra by the end of 1968- till 1975; Pluto entered in 1971 and went out by the end of 1983 ).

Libra it is the sign of The Law, and as a consequence of this quality, the right human relations (the inclusive nature of humanity) began to flourish in the hearts and minds of people.

Uranus tends to revolutionize, it rules archetypes, so new archetypes were born, old habit-thoughts were abandoned suddenly, and a new way to relate within marriage and within groups, took place.
It was the Uranian intuition which stimulated humanity towards unity, instead of separative attitudes.

The term: “citizen of the world” is and was, a reality!

Pluto brought the end of old social, and personal, patterns, so, transformation and rejuvenation took place. In Libra, an artistic sign, Pluto brought up a period in which the creativity became an essential part of relationships, and, this along with the Uranian inputs, these were the seeds for right human relations.

These changes took place, and we found each other related in a totally new prospective.
The new Astrology, the Astrology centered in the Soul, deals with this enormous transformation which marks a new historical period on Earth.

The Earth is definitively bringing the message into the open, that the old intellectual approach towards internet it is ending. Now the shift, is towards a progressive, intuitive, capability to understand the meaning of the news, not just a superficial understanding.

One big family, means that many religious and political walls will not be able to withstand the flow of social evolution, and the Internet will change equally dramatically with the flow of the new Age.

Leni provides a large variety of astrological services, workshops, readings and is an accomplished lecturer and writer, in both English and Italian. She has appear on television and radio, and is much in demand for the both traditional and soul centered astrology.
Leni Sibilio

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