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The influence of Capricorn becomes more significant to the world with the entry of Jupiter and Pluto in 2008. Most interesting is that Jupiter will enter the sign at the beginning of the year, opening, so to say, the path to the next flow of energy of Pluto. Jupiter, along with Venus, are the most beneficial of the planets. Therefore, the entry of Jupiter in Capricorn is most favourable for the energy of Pluto.

Jupiter in Capricorn can bring a tendency towards a growing sense of expansion and influence, both on lower and higher levels of achievement. If we consider the lower level of its energy's work we will find that the philosophical and materialistic outlook of some political leaders will be structured in a way to fit their own selfish ambitions, on personal and national levels. This is political power for the leader's own ends.

On the other hand, if we take into consideration the higher level represented by this this configuration, we can find evolved and far-sighted leaders combining politics with spiritual views.

In the world-arena, the crystallized, materialistic ambitions of the former type will give the way to the new and hopeful avenues represented by the latter.

This energy will affect the individual as well as nations as a whole. Time will be a major factor with Capricorn because Capricorn's influence is slow to take effect. However, the slowness allows the development of perfection, along with deep motivation to reach some heights and expansion in this configuration.

On a more subtle-level Pluto in Capricorn will display a dynamic energy which eventually destroy forms that hinder the free expression of the pure life-force and impediments to the birth of a new culture and civilisation.

On the other hand we will find the “voice” of the masses throughout the world.

Their sound, “the sound of the Nations”will be herd. The sound of the masses is rising.

Benazir Bhutto has been killed what will be the next political step in Pakistan?

In a far-future the masses will take the lead.

If we take into account the situation in China , we find out that China is ruled by Libra.

When Pluto will be for many years ahead in the sign Capricorn, it will be square to China's ruling sign.

For sure the 2008 Olympics games will be very open challenge for this country. The challenge will be to find relentlessly new avenues for a better, peaceful, and educated state of things, in China, and in restructuring the socio-economic scene.

The square aspect in Astrology, indicates internal conflict of interests in the Chinese's arena.

But, paradoxically, because of this tension, things finally will have a way out.

Pluto in Capricorn is forceful and if the energy is locked it will cause deep psychosomatic disturbances in the long run.

A Jupiter conjunct with Pluto can bring expansion and deep regeneration to Capricorn, insuring success to perfect some expectations in the global political-scene.

The awareness and consciousness of being part of a Greater Whole will make us “world-citizens” insuring the seeds of harmony will blossom in the future.

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