Friday, August 10, 2007

Nearly 3 million of children are reported...


The Child Welfare League of America is the nation's oldest and largest membership-based child welfare organization. Was founded in Washington DC in the year 1998.

On the 27 th of April, has been launched the Children Memorial Flag Campaign to let know ,publicly, that nearly 3 million children are reported to be abused and neglected ,every year.

The Children Memorial Flag has been designed by a 16 y.o. Californian youth and shows five doll-like figures of children standing side-by-side, holding hands against a red backcloth.

A sixth child, in the center, is represented by a thin, white chalk outline, symbolizing a child lost to violence. The “lost-child”!

April has been recognised as the Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Reports say that :”the United States leads the world in homicides against children and youth under age 15, accounting for 73% of all homicides and 54% of all suicides of children, birth to age 15”.

In the year 2002 the dead children reached the number of 1.390 .

Abused and neglected children , in Astrology are ruled by the planet Saturn, when he is in distress.

Saturn represent limitations and things that you cannot do.

Difficulties ,with this planet, turn out in the most difficult psychological problems you can have in your life.

Saturn repress the energy of the other planet when in difficult aspect, with it,in a chart. He causes a frustration and a storage in the unconscious mind., creating a very hard situation to deal with.

Saturn is related to one's father, and, in difficult aspects to other planets shows an hard relationship with the father-figure.

Often, an inferiority-complex lies dormant.

An aggressive projection from the inner to the outer world, represented in this case by a child, might be ,for some, a release for this frustration!

Saturn,on the other hand, is a testing ground to prove a person's level of maturity.

He gives to us the opportunities to grow in awareness and consciousness, trough overcoming the obstacles.

He is a most spiritual guardian, he is a Karmic choice. To take responsibilities on this worldwide problem of the abuse on children , for us all, becomes a matter of maturity!

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