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I was very surprised to see that the sign of Virgo rules the city of Baghdad, and I found myself delving into the astrological history of this city.

It is said that during the period from 810-865 A.D., when the Byzantines were spreading their magnificence, and Charlemagne initiated a cultural flowering in Europe, lifting it from the Dark Ages.
At the same time, the Islamic Dynasty of al-Mamun in Baghdad, brought Muslin science, literature, medicine, astronomy and architecture to a new higher level.
This magnificence was the seed that led to the flowering of Western European culture.
Parallel to these events, the mystical sect of Sufism and in India the Hindu Vedanic philosophy, was inaugurated.

This was a period that was called “the Copper Age”, and it is very much impressed by the passage of the planet Neptune from the sign of Scorpio, up to the sign of Aquarius.

Whenever we find the collective outer planets: Neptune, Pluto and Uranus, high in the sky, transiting from Scorpio to Aquarius, we can be quite sure that some changes, in the collective sphere, are at stake, because the masses of the world population respond to vibrations of these outer planets.

Human culture develops.

Baghdad was founded on the West bank of the Tigris in the year 762 A.D., it was probably the largest city in the world at the time,,nearing one million of inhabitants and became famous as a seat of learning; the first astrological school in Baghdad was founded in 777 A.D., the famous astrologer Abu-ma'shar influenced the European scholars in the West, at that time.

Why, you can say, am I taking into consideration Baghdad with Virgo, I am trying to see Bagdad's astrological history in relation with her past to understand her present?

The answer might be that Virgo, the city's sign is, right now, in deep stress from the continuous energies which come from the outer planets, positioned, all three together, high in the sky.

Currently, Uranus is in Pisces, Pluto is in the end of Sagittarius and Neptune is in Aquarius.
If we take Uranus in consideration, we see that is opposite to the sign of Virgo, this relationship causes revolutions which, later, can develop into innovations: Uranus causes changes and the city can take the change, or totally deny it!

Change and revolution is made up of lots of shocking events and upheavals will occur before an innovative independence can be achieved.

Neptune too, is in a stressful position, for the city-sign, and this state of things indicates the city is dealing with a lot of suffering, but there is healing, and help and compassion is needed. Disintegration, either mental or physical, it is a chaotic situation. Remember that Neptune rules oil.

The World's people will cooperate with this city, helping to raise herself again from the ashes. Making Bagdad, shine once more!

On the other hand, Pluto, the other outer planet,still in Sagittarius, in relation to Virgo, shows a disturbing aspect, it can bring into the open shadowy psychotic outbreaks in the collective unconscious, causing many unseen secretive events with Pluto high in the sky.

In the 2008 Pluto will leave Sagittarius and enter Capricorn, the planetary interactions will then be much more in tune with Virgo because both signs are in the same element: earth.
Many outmoded trends will be burned out, in a kind of purification, but the new and fresh start of the city will be instigated by world wide good will.

Here, again, Astrology allows us to read between the lines of world-events: the outer planets are indicative of development and future evolution, when all of them are found high in the sky, but the field must be fertile, and there must be harmonic equilibrium. Without harmonic equilibrium there will be just disruption.

Like in the past, Baghdad will flourish again, one day, on an higher spiral motion which characterizes the development and growth of the whole planet Earth.

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