Thursday, January 4, 2007

Victoria B.C.-An Astrological Insight into a City

Jung thinks that nations, like individuals, can be described psychologically. A nation can have its illness, its psychic dissociation and breakdowns, the nation, the mass, can be viewed as species of greater individual. If the mass, “the body politic”, acts as a single entity, then astrologers seeking to understand it, should be able to cast a birthchart. Such a chart should provide indications of the internal dynamics of a nation, in the same way that a natal chart can provide information about an individual. The individuals living in the city apparently are separated, but when we come up to sharing a particular place the conscious side blends with the collective unconscious: this means the mass, living in the same city, share in fact a connection.

In this research lies the future hope, that mankind will realize the unity of us all. Moved by such ideals I decided to go to the city hall; to discover the date of birth for the splendid city of Victoria. The people at city hall, gave me the date, of the first council meeting: 25th August 1862, meeting adjourned at eight pm.

Victoria is born under the sign of Virgo, the sun is two degrees Virgo and thirty eight minutes, with a rising sign in eight degrees Aries. From this we can read that Virgo is an indication of service, it rules workers and the employed class, the political class, the Navy, the National Defence, the civil service, and all green places. Through its connection with health, the sixth house, (Virgo), rules public health, health workers and the health of the society at whatever level we wish to consider it.

Is this a realistic portrait of Victoria? So busy to be at service for its inhabitants: a place where people come to be at their ease and be healed. The weather and the beauty of the city does the rest. The triple conjunction in Virgo: Sun, Mercury, and Moon indicate that things in Victoria are thought and worked out in a most detailed and caring way, very precise. Education and legislation benefit.

A little bit of historical background: during the French Third Republic, Mercury was in Libra, bringing the wave of culture and cafe society pioneered by the Impressionists, the Existentialists, and others. Canada, in general, is under Cancer, and in particular the Western side under the dominion of Leo (Victoria was a queen) Leo is the King of the Jungle. Nice to note in the Victoria's chart, that Venus is in Leo, so arts express themselves: painters, theatres, sculpture etc.. Beauty is very important to the city, Victoria is proud to be so beautiful but this is a sign of psychological stress. Always there is more to express, engagements take place and the the birthrate increases. The dynamic position in Victoria's chart of Mars in the rising sign Aries, indicates energy and activity to the affairs of the city.

On the more physical side you can see a lot of people jogging, even mothers run pushing their infants in high speed strollers. In front of the Pacific Ocean crows, eagles and seagulls make the the music for the city of Victoria. Thanks Victoria for all that.

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Leni Sibilio

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